First beta release of WiiGSC

Yes, the thing is no longer called Crap™!
This is a reworked and renamed reincarnation of Crap™ which is converted from Half Managed C++ to Managed C#.
Therefore you only need .Net Framework 2.0. Libeay and stuff is no longer needed!
It comes with an installer so it’s a bit more noob friendly,
All features&additions presented to Crap 3.3b release comes prebundled with this release (namely uLoader and wiiflow forwarders)
Also contains Japanese and S.Chinese translations submitted by hosigumayuugi and liuhaohua respectively (Thanks a lot!)
Sad news, it doesn’t come with any new fancy features yet
Here you go :
ps: beware, this is a beta version so except bugs & quirks.

1 thought on “First beta release of WiiGSC

  1. Really cool that you keep working on this thing ! And Crap was the absolutely wrong name for this application 😉 Hope you will add support for the actual release of Mighty Channels/Triiforce that supports the cIOS rev.21.d2x

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