New FE100 release

Hopefully this release will fix the configuration error issue those on Windows Vista having…
Also bundled the key grabber tool…
download here :

FE100 save unpacker/packer
FE100 save unpacker/packer
FE100 Key Grabber
FE100 Key Grabber

FE100 0.2b – Save unpacker and packer bundled with key grabber
WiiCrazy (I.R.on) – 26/12/2008
Bundled with key grabber tool, you no longer need to manually create
the files needed by the program. Just run the FE100KeyGrabber tool,
Here how you will use the FE100KeyGrabber,
1. Click the ‘Get stuff from Interwebz’ button to obtain sd-key, sd-iv and md5-blanker
2. Get a savefile from your wii (no matter what) and click the ‘Get stuff from a savefile’ button
and point it to the savefile…
It will give you
Ng-id (your console’s id)
NG-mac (your console’s wifi adapter’s mac address)
Ng-sig (your console’s elliptical curve crypt. public key)
and finally,
3. Click the ‘Get stuff from xyzzy key dump’ button, there you should provide your keys.txt you
obtained from xyzzy tool by bushing… This step will extract the ecc key (NG-priv) out of
keys.txt and you will be complete…
After you got all these keys, click the ‘Make me happy!’ button and program will save the
keys/information into the respective files so you can use them with unpacking and packing
saves with FE100…

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