Ooops more fixes for Crap

The results of not being able to do any beta tests and always being short on development time, here is the 1.52 version fixing the errors that got creeped while I added batch mode to Crap.
download : Crap V1.52
Here is the changes :

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Crap v1.52 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
25/04/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)
* Another bugfix release
* Fixed a bug that defaulted the Crap to SD loader every time
* Fixed 1.5 loader, it was not working correctly for USB loading
* Fixed a bug that prevented error display (possibly no one noticed :) )

5 thoughts on “Ooops more fixes for Crap

  1. Hello WiiCrazy, i´m trying to make Wii Fit Channel (just like the original one that you download from the DVD) hacked to work if an external HDD.
    *I already has one channel done if Crap 1.52 but i want that other channel (the one with your miis on and the last test that the had made).
    So i found on internet the original PAL converted in a WAD file.
    I unpacked the WAD file and replaced the original “” to your “USBL15USB.dol” (i renamed the USBL15USB.dol to and packed again.
    Put the file on my SD card and install using WAD Packer 1.4
    I made a new game save and there it is, my new channel with my mii saying that my last test was: Today.
    But when i put the channel to work the wii give me this message:
    “This Channel can´t be used.”
    My Wii is NTSC and Moded by D2Epro GW-609A chip.
    If you can give me a help…
    Thank you.

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