Crazy Intro v0.5 Beta

I know it has bugs but I needed to release this,
So here is the new version of Crazy Intro… 0.5 beta…
Changes are

* Using GRRLIB 4.0
* Able to use effects fully configurable using the config file
* Picture size & position is configurable and press this and
that stuff can be used too...
* Reset button leads to the system menu to overcome the wiimote
sync issue with preloader.
* If there is no custom stuff on the sd card then displays a
default intro
* Examine the supplied config file to see which effects are there
* And finally, this is still a beta version, so expect bugs!

10 thoughts on “Crazy Intro v0.5 Beta

  1. You’ve likely been asked this before, but I’ve not asked you, so I’ll take my shot. Why not just set to take commands from all remotes regardless rather than only from the first assigned remote? I realize Preloader causes the issue, but wouldn’t that be a logical change as opposed to waiting around for Crediar to fix it on his end?

  2. Hmm, I’ll certainly consider this change in the next release… It gives me headaches too, these days charging my cellphone with AA batteries and hence low on power for wiimotes I better recognized that…

  3. Can you create a Unninstaller?
    Good aplocation. But i dont need it yet.
    Can you add SDHC Support?. I only have an SDHC card.
    Thank You

  4. Im having some issues with this.
    I am running on 4.0E and Preloader 0.29.
    I put all the files onto my SD card and set it up.
    It didnt work at first, i edited the config file and removed all the comments, saved.
    Put the SD card in and turned on my wii and it was working properly.
    30 minutes later i pulled out my SD card to put some stuff on it, i didnt touch anything to do with crazyintro.
    I put the SD card back in and turned on my wii.
    Now alls i get is a screwed up screen.
    If i remove the SD card and restart i get the music playing but still the screwed up screen.
    So yeah, any idea whats causing crazy intro to fail?
    Ive tried starting with fresh files again, tried reinstalling the dol, tryed changed the preloader settings, tried configuring the config again.
    But nothing seems to be getting it to work again.

  5. Ok sorry for 3 posts and all but ive narrowed it down to when it will run and when it wont.
    It WILL run if:
    Started from standby mode.
    It will NOT run if:
    Started from Off mode *Red*
    The SD card is removed at any time.
    So basicly to get it to work, the first time i boot up the system i need to hold down reset to enter preloader *because if it trys to access crazyintro it freezes* then after that turn off to standby mode and it will work on any further attempts so long as i re enter standby mode.

  6. Can’t reproduce the exact behaviour… Here is a check list
    1. Did you set return to option as System Menu
    2. Are your images width and height multiple of 4
    3. Jpegs should be saved so that they don’t have meta data (EXIF and stuff)
    4. Pngs should be 24 bit with alpha channel
    If you remove SD card, default intro will be displayed… maybe there is a problem with the default intro in your wii.
    Rechecking preloader settings may help too, they may be interfering too… I didn’t do a lot of testing with preloader v0.29…

  7. It has to be something to do with preloader as im not even using custom images yet xD
    1. Yes.
    2. Yes Default images.
    3. N/A
    4. N/a
    My settings for Preloader are as follows:
    autoboot: File <- Crazyintro
    Return to: System Menu
    Shutdown to: Off (Did try on Preloader but same effect)
    Stop disc: Off
    Show beta updates: Off
    Light Slot on error: Off
    Ignore standby setting: off
    System Menu IOS: 60
    But yeah if you havent tested with 0.29 then what can i expect ­čśŤ
    Atleast it kinda works, just have to hold Reset for the first time turning on the console from Red LED mode.

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