Google advertising

It’s been nearly 4 years I put google ads into my site (
I specifically targeted the kanji enthusiasts and wrote a small c program to extract the kanjis out of the default kanji font of the jwpe (japanese editor)
Combined it with the information I got from kanji database… After 4 years, now if you search for “kanji list” in google, my site comes up first… Though I did nothing to improve the site after launch.
At the start of this month, I got my first payment from google… Earned just $100 in 4 years ­čÖé
Quite the big portion of this amount resulted from the kanji pages, the rest from my homepage, the old and ugly inek ( which I had written nearly 9-10 years ago.
Total cost of this site to me for four years was $10*12*4 for the hosting and $10*4 for the domain registration summing up into $520…
Point of this post is, don’t overestimate the ads you see on sites ­čÖé

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