Addicted to Notepad

Do you open at least 10-15 notepad’s just to paste some stuff that your later copy and paste to somewhere else or save them for later reference?
If you do, then you are like me a notepad addict…
The good sides of the notepad are
1. Low memory footprint
2. Never seen it crashed
3. It doesn’t deal with a special format… it’s just plain ascii or uses your local’s encoding without problems…
4. It’s really fast to open and use.
Downsides are
1. Not compatible with unix files… (just for this reason I have now wordpads half the count of the notepads)
No matter what, it saves me from intermittent connection errors, whenever I write something bulky to post to a new site I just open a notepad and paste the thing before I click the submit button. The frustration of having lost a bulky text you wrote is really big… especially for someone that is quite lazy like me…
So if you find someone that have numerous txt files in his/her storage and his/her desktop is cluttered then that person is probably a notepad addict… like me… like you?
ps: copies the text above and puts into the new notepad he just opened.

3 thoughts on “Addicted to Notepad

  1. notepad yerine metapad’i önerebilirim. oda oldukça hafif ama ondan çok daha güçlü ve unix satır sonlarından anlıyor. Bahsettiğiniz nette yazdıklarınızı göndermeden önce yedekleme işi için Opera’nın “copy to note” özelliği çok işlevsel oluyor.

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